Back to basics

This hard-working stove will serve your family for decades – and its classic looks will never go out of fashion.

You want a heater you can rely on? Something that’s well made, and adaptable to different fuels? Something that won’t be shut in a cupboard, but will provide a focal point? Well here it is. We’re returning to classic stoves for a reason: they’re stylish, they’re efficient, and they won’t fail in a power cut. The eco 2 produces an impressive 5.kW (max) of heat thanks to eco-ideal Cleanburn technology, which maximises results and reduces emissions.

What’s more, you can use it to burn all kinds of fuel – including the branches that you pruned last year*. Forget flicking a switch and adjusting a thermostat, and get back to basics.

* Ensure wood is 20% moisture or less.

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November 18, 2021