Rais Q Be


Thanks to its fantastic glass pane, this eye candy in elegant cubist style produces a phenomenal heat output in the room. The top part of the stove can turn, thereby also changing the direction of the flames. This stove can stand out nicely even in a corner, making it nothing other than a striking, living sculpture in your home.

The Q-Be is equipped with Clever Air which provides automatic air regulation.
Clever Air ensures optimum combustion which keeps the glass clean and saves fuel, thereby resulting in high fuel economy. The stove can also be lined with 20kg of heat accumulation stone which gives off the heat over a longer period of time.

In conclusion the Q-Be is a stove that offers first rate quality and top of the line environmental data.

The Q-Be is equipped with an Air System which takes air from the outside and is capable of heating up an area of up to 120m2.

Available with a Steel Frame Door or a Glass Door.


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Posted on

November 18, 2021