The Stove industry is now being extremely proactive to ensure that wood-burning is as efficient as possible and with the minimum of environmental impact.

Even though wood-burning stoves are a relatively low source of emissions,  a new Environmental Initiative is being led by the Stove Industry Alliance, the trade body for the stove industry. The SIA feel it is important to reduce emissions from wood-burning stoves even further and are launching an environmental standard, committing manufacturers to start meeting stringent new green laws six years ahead of schedule.

From this Spring, the industry’s main manufacturers will ensure that all newly-designed wood burning stove models will meet European environmental standards, which are not due to be enforced until 2022.

This will ensure British wood-burning stoves are more environmentally friendly than they have ever been, putting the industry at the cutting edge of European standards.

The Scheme is overseen by HETAS and Supported by DEFRA , The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

At The Stove Room, we like to stay one step ahead and some of our stove models already qualify for the Ecodesign Ready label! 

Independent tests have shown that an Ecodesign Ready stove produces 90% fewer emissions than an open fire and 84% fewer than a stove of ten years ago. Ecodesign Ready stoves are measurably better for the environment. If you’re still using an open fire or an old stove, perhaps it’s time to consider a new stove installation.

 Our engineers are HETAS qualified and we always ensure we are installing DEFRA approved stoves into smoke controlled zones. Our customers can be reassured that we take air quality very seriously and of course, stylishly!